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Monday, March 2, 2009

Ben Shaws Dandelion and Burdock

Where and when: purchased 2/28/09 at Major Market, Escondido, CA
Color: Brown, moderately opaque.
Scent: Scent of anise or licorice?
Taste: Fairly sweet, no creaminess. Cola-like, with an earthy bite and an intensely sour aftertaste. Doesn't particularly taste like lawn. Not bad, really. Effectively a licorice soda over a not-very-sweet lemon-lime soda. I've never had dandelion wine, or spent time in the yard chewing on lawn cuttings, so I cant vouch for the accuracy. Would drink again, with only slight trepidation; slight fear that the batch I got was accidentally-mislabeled licorice soda, and that *this* time it will really taste like weeds.


  1. I also recently consumed this allegedly weed flavoured beverage also to be disappointed at how much I liked it. Very confusing. I suspect it would be tasty with vanilla ice-cream. Mmmm, weed spider.

  2. Ben Shaws was our local pop company, and dandelion and burdock a traditionally popular flavour all over Britain.
    Great to hear it made it across the Atlantic, and particularly now I've learnt it's not a usual flavo(u)r over there.

  3. Where can I buy Ben Shaws in the LA area? Thank you.

  4. I first had this on the pier in Scarborough, England and fell in love! I describe it as grape soda mixed with Jagermeister and bubblegum syrup. It is fantastic!!!!

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