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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Wave Strawberry 101

Where and when: purchased 3/4/09 at BevMo in Oceanside, CA
Color: clear reddish-orange, not all that intense
Scent: Extremely sweet, almost exactly that of strawberry jam, although the Kibbitzer-In-Chief says it's more like strawberry Jello.
Taste: Quite a bit more tart than the smell would suggest, but it doesn't actually taste like strawberry. The foretaste is strawberry jam, followed by a rapid fade of the jam and the presence of sour apple/cherry in the aftertaste. Oddly, the back of the roof of my mouth tastes it a bit differently--slightly cooler.
An odd blend of intensely sweet and quite tart. I can taste the synthetic strawberry, but it's not really anything at all like real strawberry.
The Lead Assistant Tester: "Tastes like strawberry cream soda"
The Junior Assistant Tester: "two thumbs up, and two wings up", holding up a Lego spaceship and making a grimace which resembles a smile.

Quaff rating: 3. It's pleasant enough, but the odd synthetic sweet/sour doesn't make it very easy to drink.
Cough rating: 3. I don't have anything against sour soda, but this sourness isn't good. Combined with the weird synthetic sweetness, this is as close as I've come to feeling a sense of real blech after a Weird Soda.

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