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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Capt'n Eli's Orange Pop

The Lead Assistant Reviewer, as part of his assistantship, is starting to write his own Weird Soda Reviews. The following (except where noted) is from him.

Quaffmaster: We found this one on an emergency trip (i.e. pizza on its way with a guest in the Lab) to BevMo. We bought it because it had "Capt'n" in its name and it has some amount of sediment or some such floating in the brew. Always a good sign.

Lead Assistant:

Where and when: purchased 3/28/09 at BevMo, Oceanside, CA
Color: Murky yellow with little yellow things floating in it
Scent: Orange lemon soda. It doesn't smell sweet.
Taste: It tastes like Orangina. It is not very sweet, it's sour. The sour plus the bubbles hurts your tongue. I like it, OH! There was a little sweet. Now I can taste the sweet. It's a lot better than the previous soda (Quaffmaster: he's referring to the Journey Caribbean Creme).

Quaffmaster: Nicely done, Lead Assistant Tester. I had a chance to taste a bit myself, and the similarity to Orangina is definitely dominant. I found this to be milder overall than Orangina, both less sweet and less tart. This is cooler (as in an ever-so-slight hint of something minty in it), but pleasant and refreshing.

Lead Assistant:
Quaff rating: 3. The thing I liked about it was that it was sour, and then you think "Hey, there's a little sweet coming out." It surprises you.
Cough rating: 1. A bit too sour and strong.

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