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Monday, March 2, 2009

Dry Soda Co. Soda: Lavender

Where and when: purchased 2/28/09 at Major Market, Escondido, CA
Scent: my wife said it best: "This smells like soap." It does, indeed, smell like lavender.
Color: Almost clear, ever-so-slightly purplish.
Taste: Like the other Dry Soda Co. I reviewed (Lemongrass), this is not very sweet. The acid from the carbonation and phosphoric acid comes through strongly, but there is a very strong lavender essence. It's not cloying, though. The lavender is slightly sweet, with a bit of herbal bitter. It is what it says it is, and that is bubbly lavender-scented water with a bit of sugar. It's an interesting novelty, but the lemongrass was more interesting. This is a bit more drinkable, though. It is getting better the more of it I drink. Toward the end of the bottle, I'm getting into it.
I might buy this again.


  1. I have never heard of this! I hope I get to try it soon since I am a huge fan of lavender.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Why, thank you, anonymous. Now our hypothetical readers will have no trouble locating Dry Soda themselves. A nobler and selfless act on your part.

  4. at first i was like, hm ok, this stuff is good. when i was halfway thru the bottle, i decided to chug it and it was nasty as hell. i wudnt buy this ever again

  5. Hi,
    I personally like this soda. It is a good sipping soda, and for women who are pregnant or nursing that still want something bubbly, this makes a nice subsitution. I love the lavender before bed. It makes a nice night cap. I cure for my insommia. Only halfway through the bottle I am out like a light. It also is lovely as a cocktail.

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