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Monday, March 2, 2009

Dry Soda Co. Soda: Rhubarb

Yes, I bought a variety pack of Dry products at the market. How could I not?

Where and when: purchased 2/28/09 at Major Market in Escondido, CA
Scent: virtually none, slight floral or maybe (according to my wife) aluminum. (Yes, we're dedicated to sensory accuracy here at WSR!)
Color: light brown. Slightly more brown than a lager. The color of urine when you're not drinking enough water.
Taste: slightly woody, significant sour taste, a hint of vegetable bitterness. Kind of tree-barky. The rhubarb is there, with more (and complex) acidity. At least I think that's rhubarb, having only tasted rhubarb in strawberry-rhubarb pie, and that only reluctantly. It's kind of good. Not very sweet, as I've come to expect from Dry Soda Co. products, but drinkable. Especially for something that tastes like rhubarb.
I'd buy this again, but mostly so I could give it to people and say "Here, have a rhubarb soda."


  1. This soda tastes exactly like popsicle sticks. After the frozen part is melted and only the wooden stick is left. Truly a remarkable feat of taste-gineering.

  2. I think they have reformulated their Rhubarb soda. I just had my first this morning, and it was clear as day, and tasted exactly like someone made a weak rhubarb tea and carbonated it.
    It was quite tasty, but as with all other Dry brand sodas, the carbonated water just overpowers any sweetness the soda may have. The tartness is perfect for the Rhubarb, however. You should try some fresh cut rhubarb lightly coated with sugar and baked-it's really quite delicious. A bit of variety in the summer months to your standard sweet/sour fruits.
    Weirdest thing about is the celery like appearance. Kind of has the same consistency until cooked as well.


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