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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Izze Sparkling Pomegranate

I bought a set of Weird Sodas today, so more reviews coming soon. Today's is another Weirdesque; not exactly rare, but not a common soda flavor either.

Where and when: purchased 3/11/09 at Fresh 'n Easy, Vista, CA
Color: deep red, garnet-like.
Scent: tart, faint, kinda pomegranatey, kinda grapey. K-i-C: "Smells kind of like cough drops". Mother of K-i-C (who was visiting the Lab tonight): "Like kimchee without the garlic".
The K-i-C suggested cranberry, which is exactly it. It smells a lot like the canned cranberry jelly seen at Thanksgiving.
Taste: It tastes a lot like canned cranberry jelly too, but not as sweet. The pomegranate is there, but it's overwhelmed by the cranberry. It's a losing battle.
I think this might be better if you added some Grenadine. Kind of nondescript tart cranberry soda. More boring than the image would suggest.

Quaff rating: 2 and a half. Not unpleasant, but not interesting, and a bit tart for my taste.
Cough rating: 1. The tartness is the only problem (and really the only benefit).

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