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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kickapoo Joy Juice

It's called "Kickapoo Joy Juice". That makes it weird to begin with. Seems to be made by the Real Soda company.
Where and when: purchased 3/12/09 at BevMo, Escondido, CA
Color: fluorescent yellow-green, slightly cloudy. Exactly the same shade as the cooler transparent green Legos. Very similar in color to a soda I can't remember, but which makes me think of the Rockies on a cool, humid morning.
Scent: very sweet, slightly citrusy. Reminds me a lot of condensed moisture on craggy peaks of granite.
Taste: sweet, hint of citrus. Lime more than lemon, but very very sweet. Strongly reminiscent of some other green citrusy sweet soda whose name escapes me for the moment, but which hints of drops of water on alpine vegetation. Despite the label, I do not detect the taste of joy, nor even the milder aroma of contentedness. On the other hand, it does not have the bitterness of despair or an aftertaste of ennui. What aftertaste there is is a lingering ever-so-slightly greasy sweetness, with a hint of nostalgia for past glories and a touch of shame about one's failures in third grade.

Other than that, it looks, smells, and tastes almost exactly like Mountain Dew. Maybe just a bit more limelike.

Quaff rating: 3 and a half. Very sweet, but pleasantly limeish
Cough rating: 1, for the 45g of sugar per bottle.


  1. Kikapoo Joy Juice came out in the 1960's, taking advantage of the popular comic strip L'il Abner...political commentary disguised as great comic writing.

    There was a Play and a Movie as well as the daily and Sunday Comic Strip.

  2. i love kickapoo joy juice =) great for hot weathers especially

  3. Kickapoo Joy Juice FTW. Mountain Dew is just a copycat of it.

  4. Loved this as a kid growing up in Kentucky

  5. The funny thing about the Kickapoo Joy Juice name is that it was apparently originally coined by US Marines fighting in the Pacific Theater in WWII. It was named after a drink in a comic strip. The only difference is that in many cases the Marines brewed their own Kickapoo Joy Juice by filtering things like hair tonic and aftershave through things like bread or socks. They drank this due to the very high alcohol content of the tonics. Similarly, the Canadian Army in WWII had their own variant of Kickapoo Joy Juice, which was often called "Steam". It was basically moonshine that was distilled from whatever could be scrounged up. Canned peaches were a favorite for this and soldiers would say that they were "Steaming Up" whenever they drank the stuff. Real Newfoundland "Screech" (not the mass-produced bottled rum) is more or less the same thing and it's FIERCE stuff. Newfs will refer to it as Kickapoo Joy Juice on occasion. "Swish" is the Nova Scotia and Ontario version of Kickapoo Joy Juice. Basically, to make swish, you take a whiskey aging barrel, put some water in it and swish it around so that the alcohol/uncut whiskey comes out. It's wickedly harsh stuff that can easily put your lights out. Considering that Screech and Swish are about 80-95% alcohol, they're not for amateurs ;) .

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