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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Other Weird Soda Afficionados

We are not alone!

Nice Guy Online: New Soda Reviews
Some good stuff here.

Soft Drink Reviews, Exotic and Non
This one is particularly excellent, a true example of the Weird (and non-) Soda Quest. I point particularly to this review, which indicates that the reviewer is a fan of Lovecraft. He's been at it since August 2008, so I must honor my forefather. Bless you, good sir. And I swear I didn't read your blog before I started mine.

That said, your layout is better, and I'm totally adding photos to mine too.


  1. Rock on and welcome to the exceedingly uneven world of tasting sodas for public amusement. Be sure to brush your teeth.

    For the record, I can't really look at your blog because I don't want to taint the way I think and write about drinks. Alas. I'll just be looking at the ones we have in common.

    If you are in LA, look up the Soda Pop Stop. They have an amazing selection.

    -tim h

  2. I've been intending a pilgrimage there for some time.


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