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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What We Dream Of at Weird Soda Review

My diligent research staff, in their unceasing efforts to uncover the Weird Sodas of the world, found this nice link.

Seven Unique Soda Pops to Quench your Thirst

Some of them on the list are legendary among American Weird Soda (namely the famous Jones Soda Holiday Packs, which we will hopefully be acquiring this year). Some, on the other hand, are new to me, and represent the sort of acquisitions we live for at Weird Soda Review. "Water Salad" and wasabi-flavored soda are truly WEIRD Weird Sodas. This is why we exist, folks--to sample weirdness of this caliber. Like Don Quixote, our hearts will lie peaceful and calm as long as we forever strive to quaff the unquaffable pop.

I believe that it is time for the Lab to start working on a grant to allow us to travel to Japan, which is apparently the very source of soda weirdness.

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