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Monday, June 15, 2009

Almdudler 50 Jahre

Continuing our theme of nationalistic Weird Sodas (which has manifested in Bravo Kolashampan, the "official drink of El Salvador", and Ironbeer (which we dubbed Anti-Commie Cola)), tonight we're heading to Europe. The Lab has obtained a bottle of "Almdudler 50 Jahre", which a label proclaims to be the "national soft drink of Austria". This is confirmed by the presence on the front of the bottle of a man in jacket and lederhosen attempting to kiss a young woman in Tyrolean garb. Both of these people are wearing impressive hats.
This is bottled by the Real Soda in Real Bottles company, who also import a number of other sodas. They appear to be helping this Austrian invasion of the US.
50 Jahre translates to "50 year". The significance of this designation is not explained, so we are free to speculate. What happened in 1959 in Austria?
We must also take this opportunity to investigate how bottle bottom bumples vary between nations. Investigation reveals that the bottom margin of the Almdudler does not have the usual coded bump row; instead, it has a series of actual numbers.
36.5 3 (tripod-ish symbol) 0.351 1 (dense grid of small dots).
Those who know more than I may be able to derive some sort of interesting information from this. The 0.351 probably refers to liters...the 36.5 might be a body temperature in Celsius...and we all know who the Tripods are; John Cristopher made it all clear in The White Mountains. And that had mountains in it, and Europeans--just like Austria!
Austrian aliens in robotic tripods will control our minds via Almdudler.

Or not.

Where and when: purchased April 2009 at Galco's, Los Angeles, CA
Color: pale gold.
Scent: reminiscent of a citrus-y ginger ale (more like Canada Dry).
Taste: Fairly tart initial taste--lemon or orange. Not a very strong taste, with the orange fading into a slightly medicinal or herbal bitterness, which lingers in the aftertaste. The herbal is not like ginger, although there is a hint of that in the mid-taste, just after the orange. It's more like ginger ale than anything else, but with lemonade or orangeade mixed in. The orange and bitter do not go as well together as they might, and the overall impression is not strong. I'm left with a vague impression of something sort of nice, but which didn't have a satisfying ending.
Didn't The Sound Of Music take place in Austria? It all fits together!

Quaff rating: 2.5. Just not that interesting, but pleasant enough.
Cough rating: 0.5. The slightly medicinal bitterness is not a plus.


  1. I suspect that the 50 Jahre notation is nothing more than another way of saying 'since 1923'. So 1959 is probably the first year that they made Almdudler; it's the German way of saying 50th anniversary.

  2. I'm sure you're right. But it's much more fun to hint at shadowy conspiracies, hideous and unknown truths, and unspeakable occult doings.

  3. The flavor reminds me of elder flower.

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