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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Obscure Soda Lovers Organization Wants You!

In our eternal quest for soda Weirdness, we here at the Lab have always known that there were others who shared our calling. Witness, for example, the fine work of the good (and long-suffering) gentleman at Soft Drink Reviews!

However, it was only recently that we were contacted by representatives of a mysterious and powerful organization of soda afficionados (whose mystery is exceeded only by their power). The Obscure Soda Lovers Organization (or OSLO) has set up a website to present information, reviews, and resources to all of us on the quest. We at the Weird Soda Review Testing Lab salute these brave pioneers, and would like to encourage all seekers after soda Weirdness to visit them and make your own contributions.

You'll find them here. Go forth and quaff heartily!


  1. Oslo appears to suspiciously devoid of content, other than new advertisments any time I click a link.


  2. I believe it's a work in progress.


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