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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mundet Manzana Verde

Some time ago, we reviewed Sidral Mundet, a very pleasant Mexican apple soda. It was a fairly accurate apple taste, including some of the slight bitterness of the peel, and was most enjoyable.
Well, the other day, I was on a corn-acquisition mission and stopped by Primo's, the local Mexican market and barbecue joint. They make a mean batch of ribs, and also have a lot of the Weird sodas which are common in Mexico; selections from the Goya line, Inca Kola, at least two Kola Champagnes, all the varieties of Jarritos, and Sidral Mundet...
except this time, they had a variety of Mundet I hadn't seen before. Mundet Manzana Verde.
Manzana Verde translates as "green apple". If it's as good as their "brownish apple" variety, I'll be very happy.

Where and when: purchased August 2009 at Primo's Market, Vista, CA
Color: light pale green. The bottle has an apple embossed in the glass.
Scent: A fairly light green apple scent. Not overwhelming.
Taste: Cool, slightly tart, definitely apple-ish. Very similar to the brown apple, except with more tart and less mellow. A nice complement to the other one, actually.
The Mundet family always feels somehow classy to me. They're understated and pleasant, not too cloying. Very nice.

Interestingly, the ingredients list mentions that it includes both citric and malic acid. Malic acid is common in fruits which aren't quite ripe; hence the "sour green apple" flavor?

Quaff rating: 3.5. Enjoyable.
Cough rating: 0.5. Slightly tarter than I like; feels like it's attacking my teeth.


  1. This is a wonderful soda!

  2. Just tried it ... great taste, real sugar, some apple juice, and like you mentioned Malic acid which gives it that sort of sour green apple taste ... delicious!

  3. I had some last weekend. I really liked both Sidral Mundet apple sodas. I especially like the fact that they're made with real sugar. The one I prefer depends on my mood. The red variety has a slightly more realistic flavor, while the green has a nice, tart kick.

    It's available at Macey's ( for folks in Utah. Actually, you'll find a lot of international products in Utah due to the missionaries the LDS church sends out world wide. So in Utah there are a lot of returned missionaries who acquired various tastes in the field.

  4. Hola, Hi, Do you know it dont have cafeine?

    Greeting from MX

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