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Thursday, August 13, 2009


You have to admire a weird soda with such a succinct name. "Quench".
And so evocative! "To quench" can have any number of implications. Perhaps this soda is going to quench our burning passion?

"Oh, Ayla! Never in my manly wanderings through the Pleistocene landscape have I met such a woman as you! And I've met a lot of them. A LOT."
"Oh, Jondalar! In all my time bridging gaps between hominid species, inventing sports bras, domesticating horses and lions, and becoming psychic, never has a man made my innards quiver as you do."
"Oh, Ayla!"
"Oh, Jondalar!"
"Hey, what's this bubbly drink?"
*mutual quaffing*
"'re pretty OK, Ayla."
"Yeah. You're nifty, Jondalar."

Or maybe it's meant to refer to quenching metal, as in a blacksmith's forge.

"This sword, representative of the finest work of the Japanese sword-crafter's art, exhibits a multiple-fold pattern welding along the blade. The full tang extends through the handle, and the wrappings are of the finest silk. And as a bonus, the blade has a light, refreshing grapefruit flavor imparted during the forging."

I used to work in an MRI lab, and learned a somewhat more unusual use of the word: quenching a magnet refers to stopping the flow of current through the superconducting coil by raising part of it to non-superconducting temperatures. The currents in a typical clinical or research scanner are pretty substantial, and the magnet is cooled by liquid helium. Quenching it results in that current all being transformed into resistive heating of the coil, which boils off the liquid helium very quickly, producing a huge amount of very cold helium gas which has to be vented out of the scan room lest it asphyxiate everyone in it.

I'm not sure how, exactly, "Quench" soda could be referring to this sense, unless it makes your voice really high and kills you by suffocation. We'll hope not.

Or maybe it's supposed to quench your thirst? Nah. Boring!

Incidentally, this is a cane sugar soda from Orca Beverage Works.

Where and when: purchased April 2009 at Galco's, Los Angeles
Color: Almost clear. Slightly hazy/foggy, but not so far as cloudy.
Scent: Sweet and mildly citrusy.
Taste: Quite sweet, but light. Fairly refreshing. Not very citrusy--it's fruity, but the fruit is more berryish. Maybe a very light strawberry-orange. Pleasant. Definitely not grapefruit.
Kind of reminiscent of lemon-berry smoothie.

Quaff rating: 3.5. Pretty nice!
Cough rating: 0.5. Slightly oversweet, but just barely so.

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  1. My parents and grandparents used Quench in the '50s for a mixer with Jim Beam whiskey. The kids used to sneak into Louie's stash in the garage and snag a few bottles in summertime. We liked it lot's more than it's sickly sweet cousin, Squirt. I remember it as the predecessor to Schweppe's Bitter Lemon.


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