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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vita Malt Classic

There seem to be a number of semi-sodas in the Weird family. On the Soda Venn Diagram, these would fall into the nebulous region between beer and soda--closer to beer than root beer, ginger beer, and sarsaparilla. We've previously reviewed Malta India, and found it Weird. Vita Malt is of similar ilk.

The label is very manly--silver, with bold colors, and "VITA MALT" in bold lettering. Clearly, this is no effeminate Weird malt soda with a little paper umbrella. This is VITA MALT. Not only that, it's not a twist-off cap. One needs tools to open VITA MALT. I'm not sure I'm worthy, but I will give it my all.

The ingredients list includes barley and hops.

Where and when: purchased April 2009 at Galco's, Los Angeles
Color: Dark brown and foamy.
Scent: Slightly sweet, but the dominant scent is beerlike. Reminiscent of a dark beer, rather than a lager.
Taste: Very sweet beer. There's the distinct underlying bitterness of the hops and barley, but with a syrupy, maple-like sweet layer on top. The bitter fades quickly, but the sweet is persistent. Between the two, this is kind of unpleasant. I think I'd rather have either a beer or a soda.
Aftertaste: blech.

Is this the taste of manliness?

Quaff rating: 2.5.
Cough rating: 1.0. The bitterness is unpleasant with the sweet.


  1. you obviously have never tasted a malt before. its not a soda nor is it a beer and so shouldnt be compared to any of the two. In the malt world vitamalt is god of malts. do some research on malts and try tasting a couple others then do a proper review on a vitamalt

  2. You're correct that I have very limited experience with malts. Well, I've had plenty of the "it's-not-a-milkshake-it's-a-malt" variety, but I'm pretty sure that's different.
    I do hope to broaden my experience, and hopefully I can come back and re-review VitaMalt with a more educated palate.

    Perhaps then I can understand its appeal--at this point, though, my uneducated palate agrees that it is neither beer nor soda--instead, it is bitter carbonated maple syrup.

  3. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I've acquired it. The first time I had it I was stunned and slightly repulsed but I kept going back for some reason and now I'm hooked. I tend to like strong flavors though.

  4. hello, I am from Germany now living in the States... do you know where I can find Vitamalt in the States... and also for a reasonable price?
    thanks :)
    BTW: I love it ;)

    1. Have you tried I usually buy mine from there.

  5. Hey Vitamalts are addictive LOL. Just chill it nicely and you can't get enough. If only they offered it in gallon bottles.......

  6. Hi,

    I love it, malta that is. Goya then Hatuey, are the best (Pony,India forgettable) of 4 I've tasted locally in Portland,OR. Loved Hatuey since kid in Miami.


  7. Vita Malt is my favourite drink and I'm currently addicted to it. When I lived in Canada they were hard to come by except in some Caribbean stores and oddly enough a Chinese grocery store in Scarborough. But now I live in the Bahamas where you can find them everywhere. Absolutely the god of malt drinks, I don't even look at other malts.

  8. @Quaffmaster

    I grew up drinking Vitamalt. Its the second most popular drink in my country and my favourite. I have to disagree with the first commentor. I think your analysis was spot on and I understand you not liking your first taste. Most people dont. If you did not grow up drinking it you will not like it right away. But it is one of those drinks that become a part of your life and you love it.

  9. Vita Malt is a great drink! There is nothing that does not taste good about it, it tastes way better than any beer.

    @Linda, it can be bought at any Farmer's Market in the Caribbean section or in most places that sell Jamaican food.

    1. Did you know that vita malt is a St.Vincent and the Grenadines drink.

  10. Vita Malt is an awesome drink! I love it and prefer it to any beer you may want to compare it with! I have grown up with this drink and never had a bad experience. I have tried Classic, Ginger and Citrus. My favorites are classic and ginger. I have yet to try Plus+ but that will happen eventually.

    To those who say they are addicted: I can't keep a six pack in the fridge for more than four days ;)

    Does anyone else mix their Vita Malt with milk(not canned)? :) It's delicious. If you'd like to try just start with 50/50 in a glass then adjust to what you prefer. It helps tone down the bubbly while keeping a great taste with a hint of milk. ;)


  11. Malta is a good drink it taste good but you watch our for quality you buy some high fructose corn syrup and not sugar and some has high sodium too look for a good quality Malta before purchasing vital Malta is but has high sugar Malta India is okay but has too much of a light taste polar Malta is pretty good thats the one I would choose all the rest I know are all fake to me at least but those three I have mentioned are worth trying because they are the most natural Malta's that I know of I'm pretty sure there's other name brands that's also good too but I don't really no them yet and lease but if anyone knows any other natural Malta's go ahead and leave the name brands I will sure like too try them

  12. I'm from the caribbean my fave drink. I've been giving it to my friends in colorado they loved it but my wife don't so it a personal base taste. gbut if u dont drink soda and u definatly cant drink and drive vita malt solves it all. Drink it were ever when ever no need to wrap in a paper bag. i gived it 10/10. Yo can get it in Miami and in tx its cheaper at HEB but other place walmart is ur next option to get it. I'm in alaska needs to track it down might have to order online.

  13. I'm in Panama. Vita Malt ROCKS! A great drink down here in the tropics. I love Vita Malt Plus. It's a wonderful pick-me-up on hot days. Also seems to help with hangovers!

  14. Vitamalt is an acquired taste, but it is THE best malt drink I've tried and now it's hard to go more than a month without drinking it. The flavor can be a bit strong so I often dilute it 50/50 with Canada Dry TEN Ginger Ale.

  15. Anyone ever tried mixing it with Nido powder milk? Where i live you can find either one at practically every grocery store. (South Florida)

  16. As a teenager visiting Westfalia Germany (1972), this was called a half and half when mixed with beer.


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