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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jarritos Variety Pack: Lime

Today, there's Jarritos Lime.

The first thing that pops to mind about this one is the translation. The label claims this is "Jarritos Lime (Limon)". My Spanish is extremely poor, but that didn't seem quite right--I would assume "limon" would be "lemon" in English. So I talked to my wife, whose Spanish is better.
Me: "How would you translate 'limon'?"
K-i-C: "Lemon."
Me: "Not 'lime'?"
K-i-C: "No, that's 'lima'."

I figure that to be safe, I should get some other opinions.

Me: "lemon lime"
Google Translate (English->Spanish): "lima-limon"
Me: "No, not the combined flavor. Lemon. Lime."
Google Translate (English->Spanish): "Limon. Lime."
Me: "Okay, let's go backwards to check. Limon. Lima. Lime."
Google Translate (Spanish->English): "Limón. Lima. Lime." (Yes, I double-checked.)

Okay, that didn't help. So I did a Google search, and ended up reading an argument about the proper translations of English "lemon" and "lime" vs. Spanish "limon" and "lima". According to at least one person in that argument, in Mexico, "limon" refers to the English "lime", while "limon real" refers to the English lemon (and is rare in Mexico). "Lima" refers to some other citrus fruit.
Except, apparently, in Michoacan, where "limon amarilla" refers to the English "lemon" and "limon verde" refers to the English lime.
Except, apparently, in Puerto Rico, where "limon" refers to the English "lemon" and "lima" refers to the English "lime".
Except, apparently, in Venezuela, where "limon" refers to a small green fruit (probably the English "lime") and "lima" refers to some very rare fruit which you never see.
Except, apparently, that in many areas "limon" refers to any number of citrus fruits, including English lemons and English limes.

...and the argument continued.

As to what this is, please allow me to quote Lt. Commander Data, whose summary applies well here:
"It is green."

Where and when: Donated by Jarritos.
Color: I'm tempted to call it "lime green", except it's not. It's very close to the Gatorade sold as "lemon-lime". Pale yellowish-green, slightly translucent.
Scent: citrus, tart, but not extremely sour like a limon. (Ha ha!) A bit sweet, slightly bitter. Probably lime.
Taste: Similar to the scent, but a bit more sour. Pleasant, very sweet, somewhat heady but with no lingering on the tongue (like the Guava did). Kind of similar to lime jelly candy--not the Jujyfruits version, but the soft, sugar-crusted Sunkist type.

Pretty nice. Like most Jarritos I've had, a bit overly sweet, but pleasant enough.

Quaff rating: 3.0. Tasty.
Cough rating: 0.5. Still too sweet.

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