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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weird Soda Review at the LA Weekly

I was doing the usual diligent scouring of weird soda scholarly journals the other day, attempting to keep up with this fast-paced, rapidly evolving research field, when I found myself looking at the Weird Soda Review.

You might ask what struck me as odd about that. You might, in fact, suspect that I had inadvertently clicked on a link to my own website, and was even now marveling at the supple, mellifluous prose penned by this demigod of beverage review who called himself "Quaffmaster". You might expect a subsequent post in which I would use words like "mellifluous".

I can say with some confidence* that I have never accidentally looked at my own blog and thought it was written by someone else. Weird soda has lots of interesting effects, but that level of intoxication is not usually one of them.

In fact, I had stumbled across a column at the LA Weekly entitled "Weird Soda Review", written by Elina Shatkin. It's good stuff. Her writing is witty, and she has excellent taste in Weird soda.

So I wanted to post this for two reasons:

Reason the First: You should check out her writing. As an example, go here to see her review of Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray tonic (which was one of our first reviews, too!)

Reason the Second: Just to clarify, this blog and that column are unrelated. I don't know Ms. Shatkin, but I wish her all the best, and happily welcome her to the League of Soda Weirdness.

* p<0.3. "Some" covers a lot of ground.


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