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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Armenian Fungus Cake

No, this post isn't about an Armenian Fungus Cake soda. Although that would be rather awesome. Rather, I'd like to recommend a website to those who follow this blog. I was recently contacted by some individuals who run a blog reviewing unusual snacks, including soda. I took a quick look, and can enthusiastically recommend that you visit them. Firstly, because the reviews are written in a funny and engaging style. If you like reading this blog, you'll probably like them too. They wrote poetry to a tarragon soda. Secondly, because a blog named "Armenian Fungus Cake" is definitely Weird, and everybody should be able to say "Hey, did you check out Armenian Fungus Cake today?" Their website is here. You can also find them in the list of Other Soda Reviews on the lower right side of the site.


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